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Face sits & thrusts to the tummy

Laurie trash talking KC's tits, punching away catches KC's ribs, more trash talk, & KC has had enough headlocks her & throws her to the ground, punches her abs.... Laurie flexes her abs of steel to take the punishment.... see how red they are getting. KC face sits her and thrusts on her tummy

  4 minutes..... $4.99    


Who has Abs of Steel?

Girls ready for boot camp, Laurie claims she has abs of steel and Kasie puts her to the test, belly punching how much can she handle? Now it's Laurie's turn to whale away on Kasie's abs

  4 minutes..... $4.99    


Belly Punching Competition

Who's got more power behind their punch? In the corner of the ring one Kristie stands as Kasie punches away to see how much Kristie can handle. Then Kasie to the corner for paybacks from Kristie. Look who's got the pink tummy now?

  4 minutes..... $4.99    


Power Punching

Power punches!! Kasies pounds away on Paul's abs, Melody has to hold him in place to make sure he takes it. Now Melody's turn for pulling the punches, poor boy only can laugh in pain. Kasie decides to give him a chance to hit her abs.... what a wimp. Melody steps in and shows him how it's done. Melody pounds on Kasie's abs.....NOW for the Pec Punching

  7 minutes..... $7.99    


The Fight part 2

Getting ready for my next fight... I start stretching, doing push-ups, sit-ups, I'm going to be ready. Then the door knocks it's my EX there for the finally fight. A few jabs from each, then Mark gets the first hit to my face. I block the next one, and deliver a right cross to his face... it felt AWESOME!! I trip him down, climb on top and pound away.

6 minutes.....  $6.99   

The Fight part 1

Finding my fiancée with another woman, I wanted rip that bitch apart. It started to get physical... he slapped me, I shook him then he punched me! The fight was on punches, kicks I even bitch slapped him

5 minutes.....  $5.99   


Belly Punching Rock Hard Abs

Kasie puts Tina up for the "Rock Hard Abs" test. Kasie belly punches away. Tina seems to be with standing the pain

3 minutes.....  $3.99   


Big biceps behind each belly punch


Kasie's got another female bodybuilder interested in the belly punching fetish, Gina gives it a go... and Kasie's got to show her how it's done. Gina picks up the punching quite quickly and REALLY ENJOYS IT!!! The two girls go at it belly punching away!! Who punches harder with those big biceps behind each punch?

  4 minutes..... $4.99    


Jab, Jab, Cross

Tina & Kasie .... put on the gloves, jab, jab, cross... I hate to be those mitts. Strong punches landed, aggression taken out....jab jab cross, jab jab cross

3 minutes..... $3.99    




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